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Toyota Corolla le: I have a 02' Toyota Corolla and today my

Customer Question

I have a 02' Toyota Corolla and today my wife got it the car cranked it up and said it would not go in reverse, then we could not get it to go in park.. we shut it off and now we can not get it back started, it feels like it's in neutral
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Toyota Service replied 2 years ago.
Hello. Welcome to JUst Answer. Please allow me to assist you. Based on your explanation of the problem, experience with this issue in the shop leads me to believe that you have an issue with the shift cable. We have had some problems with these cables on Corollas. There are a few things that can happen: 1) the pivot point on the transaxle shift rod has seized and the cable attachment point has broken. This does not hold the cable secure and causes no shifting. The way to check this is to lift the hood and look at the formnt of the transaxle (behind the radiator). Here you will see a metal attach point for the cable. Have a helper move the shifter back and forth with the park brake on (for safety). You shoul not see the shift cable move; all you should see is the shift unit on the transaxle moving. If the exterior of the cable is moving, the attach point for the cable has broken, this will require a new shift cable to be installed. If you look at it and nothing is moving, the shift cable attachment point at the shifter has come loose, This too will require the replacement of the shift cable. We have replaced probably 10-12 shift cables in the last several years; most of them have broken at the transaxle side. In either case of the problem, replacement of the shifter cable is not easy. It is necessary to have the vehicle on a hoise to pull the cable fron the interior into the engine compartment. This is not something I would recommend you do in your driveway. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply. If you are satisfied with my input, a positive rating would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for choosing Just Answer.

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