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Ted Ritter
Ted Ritter, Toyota Master Tech
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Toyota Pickup: Good evening. i was just looking to see if i

Customer Question

Good evening. i was just looking to see if i can find information on locating the low pressure port for my 1989 Toyota R22E pickup. Some years ago, i had my ac coolant changed to whatever is current from the original coolant. My ac seems to work fine, but i've been seeing the ads for AC PRO and would like to give it a try... i've not had any new refrigerant added in a couple of years... don't think i have any leaks... just needs something of a boost. It's already starting to warm up here in Dallas and i'd like to charge my AC before it really gets hot. I was trying to look at the images posted by you i believe... small and hard to see.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 2 years ago.

Thanks for posting

It sounds like the system was converted to the R134 freon a while back which means the service ports look different than the old ones, the low pressure port is always on the bigger a/c line, this should be somewhere between the a/c compressor and the firewall, most likely close to the firewall. I'll see if I still have a picture if you can't locate it. Let me know.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have taken a couple of photos just now of what i believe is likely the low pressure port in question. Perhaps you can confirm i have it correct. It appears to have a black screw cap on the port. If i am correct and this is the port i'm looking for, do i simply unscrew the cap and attach the hose from the AC PRO canister?

1989 Toyota PU R22RE AC converted to R134!989 Toyota PU R22RE showing AC line going to firewall

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I did not get a response to my reply to your answer. It included 2 photos and a question.

Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 2 years ago.
If it has been converted to the R134 freon then the smaller port but the larger pipe has the low pressure service port, the R134 ports clip on whereas the old type had external threads, it looks like the black cap is the low pressure side. Anyway you can't attach them wrong, the fitting on the recharge kit will only fit the low side.