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Toyota Camry: After traveling at a consistent speed of 90 mph

Customer Question

After traveling at a consistent speed of 90 mph for about 3 minutes on the interstate on the way to Dallas this morning, my check engine light came on and immediately began to flash. I could tell that the engine had lost some of its power and was losing speed (I had the cruise control set at 90 mph). It would not accelerate when I tried to build speed. I pulled over and noticed the engine was idling rough. I turned the car off for about 2 minutes and when I cranked it back up the check engine light was no longer on, the engine was no longer rough idling, and I had no problem accelerating. About a half an hour later the check engine light came back on but was not flashing and the car was running fine. As I was on my way back home from Dallas, I achieved the original problem of hesitation and acceleration issues and check engine light flashing when maintaining a consistent high speed around 90 mph several different times. I turned off the car and restarted the engine and that fixed the hesitation and acceleration issue and check engine light flashing each time. although the check engine light is no longer flashing (indicating an immediate potentially serious and engine damaging problem) the check engine light is still lit. Once I made it back home I had the car tested and I have error codes p0300, p0302, p0304, and p0306 all concurrent. What causes all 4 of these codes to be set all at once? Please note, this is the first time the check engine light has come on during the 4 months since I have owned this car.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  George H. replied 2 years ago.
Hello I will help you with your question,
It sounds like you are ready for spark plugs and coils.
How many miles do you have on the vehicle?