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RAV4 t180: Loss of Power T180/Fuel Filter?

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Hi Dan, We had the engine in our 2006 RAV T180 replaced under warranty after the DPF become blocked/unable to be regenerated. Since we've had it back there is been an increasingly intermittent loss of power below 2000rpm. The toyota dealership who installed the engine have made some checks but the service guy has been instructed not to carry out any more investigations until we change the fuel filter because its not a Toyota part. He cannot say that its actually a problem but will not check it/run diagnostic until we pay £130 to change it. The fuel filter was new in August and is an OEM part . Firstly is this reasonable behaviour and secondly could a 3 month old fuel filter really be causing a fundamental problem such as this? Yours, increasingly frustrated from SE London. Chris

Hello ...welcome and thank you for using Justanswer.

This is not the correct way to approach the problem , the Toyota dealer should do all the diagnostics possible before replacing any parts .

I don't believe the fuel filter is the problem ,not just because is pretty new but also because you don't have any drive ability problems after 2000rpm's ,when it requires more fuel ,and they also can run a fuel pressure test if they believe the filter is partial clogged.

I believe you may have a boost/turbo issue.

good luck.

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Thank you very much.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi, Thanks for the respsonse thats helpful. So just to clarify don't think its reasonable why an authorised dealer would not be able to run a diagnostic test with the OEM fuel filter in place?


The other key point for me is that when the engine was replaced last month it was signed off with the OEM filter in place and there was no issue then.


And there is no direct linkage between fuel filter performance and the performance of the turbo?




Right , they should be able to run a fuel pressure test if they believe the problem is fuel pressure , with any fuel filter ,Toyota or after market.

And ,NO , the turbo/boost has nothing to do with fuel pressure on this problem.

I believe that you may have the wrong Toyota tech working on your vehicle.

Good luck.

Please rate my answer if i9 have helped ,ask for additional info if needed.

thank you very much.


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