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camry: i have po441 evaporotor emmission. on my 1999 camry,.

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i have po441 evaporotor emmission. on my 1999 camry,.
i was fixing a loud thumping noise that i thauoght was a bad rotor , also replaced the pads ,, however i can still here the thumping , but no where near as loud after the fix, .
this was on the passenger side rear disk brakes, but when i poped the rotor of i noticed the shoes for the e brake were almost gone and tonns of brake dust. ,but why would the e brake cause thumpimg when i apply the the brake, .
I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING JUST ANSWER, AND FOR ALLOWING ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO ASSIST YOU WITH YOUR AUTOMOTIVE CONCERNS.Keep in mind if there was a lot of brake material built-up in the drum of the rotor it can cause a laterial effect on the rotor when braking,(like a out of round rotor effect) The dust can get between the axle hub and the rotor causing this type of condition. (if some one has rotated the tires in the past then they loosen the wheel allowing the large amount of brake material to get between the hub and rotor! Ive run in to 2 times in the past! This type of condition can cause a Technician to think it is a bad rotor (most common is the front rotors!) Thanks,Please let me know if I can be of any other assistance to you with this issue!
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes there is a lot of dust and crap on the back whell hub rotors.

, does this problem every happen with bad struts when you hit the brakes, the pounding i mean/

If the caliper slide pin bushings are excessively worn, the noise can travel through the strut making the noise more pronounced