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Toyota 4 Runner: I am asking this for a lady friend of mine.

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I am asking this for a lady friend of mine. she has 2004 Toyota 4 Runner. The shifter has started to hang in park. She can pull it down with some effort. The traction lights come on and stay on. She said she uses it always.(on demdand ?) I have looked in manuel and it seems to refer to some fuses related to this ? She said trans was replaced and about 40k miles. It seems to drive ok when she gets it out of park.I see where an over ride dutton is by shifter. can it be used more than once?I have some elec. annd mech. knowledge. I want to repair this for her if I can. Let me knoe if you need more info. ?
Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX is going to be a problem in the shift interlock solenoid, this system uses the brake light switch, and only allows the shifter to come out of park, when the brake is applied, when it hard to shift, can check and see if the brake lights come on, when pressing the brake pedal?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I just talked to her. She does not khow about the brake lights--will ck. that.I told her about the over ride button. Can this be used more than once? Is it a big thing to install the solenoid? I am an Instrumentation Tech, and have worked on my cars over the years.Can I get install instructions on net or parts house? Can you get to this from below or above?Is it remove and install or more to do? What would be a reasonable price to do this" Can any mech. of skill do this or does it need to be Toyota? Thanks

the over ride but can be used over and over, its not a one shot thing,the shift interlock is in the shifter in the console, the console will need to be disassembled to get ti the solenoid, but first make sure the brake lights come on, when its hard shifting, it is also a common problem if the brake switch goes bad, since this controls the solenoid,Tim
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Great advice ! do you have access to the pic.s for this or can I find online?

I am having her ck. brake lights.Is the brake switch hard to replace and where is it --Thks, John

the brake light switch is easy to replace, it is mounted on the brake pedal under the dash, it takes less than a half hour to change out, as for the solenoid and module, I can post a link to a pdf file that will show you how to change that out, if you like?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Great ! let me see what she wants to do and if you need more money let me know as I am paying for her and don;t want to charge her anymore than you feel good with? Good Job !!! John

Here is a link for the pdf file, please dont forget to rate me so I can get credit for this,thanks Tim
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