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Avalon: Just completed changing L&R Low Beam Bulbs on 2007

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Just completed changing L&R Low Beam Bulbs on 2007 Avalon. after getting everything back together I tried the lights. The High beams work fine but the low beams stay on for a couple of seconds and go off. I used the HID replacements. Any guesses why they would shut off?
Thank you for trusting us with your questions. Tell me what led up to this, was this the same issue you had prior to replacing the bulbs? Do the bulbs come on each time you cycle the lights on, then off before going out?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I had an intermittent Rt bulb so I went to Auto Zone and picked up replacement for both sides. Took a couple of hours and some skinned knuckles but finished a little while ago. Tried to check them but when I turned on the lights they only stayed on for a few seconds. When I cycled the lows on and off they would come back on but for a shorter period than the previous times. The highs worked as advertised.

There are a couple issues here. You need to be VERY careful handling these bulbs. The oils from your skin can ruin the bulb. Second, we see a lot of low quality bulbs come out of Autozone that will not work well, or will not last long. They DO have high quality brands, but if you went low budget, the bulbs are likely junk. So, you need to get top quality bulbs first, then install being careful not to let your hands or fingers touch the glass portion. With that done, retest, then see what happens. If the same condition occurs, you will need to replace the computers mounted to each of the headlight assemblies. For future reference, heres how to test this lighting system. If one of the bulbs is out, CAREFULLY, swap it to other side and retest. If the problem follows the bulb, then you have verified a bulb issue. If not, you need to be looking at the computers. Sorry, but you probably caused yourself more of an issue here. With these HID systems, its not generally as simple as just replacing a bulb. They are much more high tech.

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