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Genchi Genbutsu
Genchi Genbutsu, Toyota Master Technician
Category: Toyota
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Experience:  Toyota Certified Master Diagnostic Technician, ASE Master Technician with L1 Advanced Engine
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Toyota Tacoma Pre Runner: Hi Genchi,My Dad has 2001 Toyota

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Hi Genchi,
My Dad has 2001 Toyota Tacoma.
A week ago the alarm on his truck was going off for 5 minute or so. I just thought he was having problems disarming the alarm with his remote so I stuck my head out the kitchen door and shut the truck alarm off with my remote. Next thing I hear is his truck driving off down the street. Minutes later my Mom asks where Dad went off to. He didn't say. She tells me she took his key and remote away from him so he wouldn't drive anywhere. Turns out he snuck off to the store. At the store he couldn't start the truck or disable the alarm, so he paid a mechanic to disable the alarm on his truck so he could drive it home. Now the alarm and keyless entry system won't work. I don't see a red button on the dash anywhere to reset the alarm to work. I'm not exactly sure what the mechanic did to disable the alarm system. I need to reset the alarm and keyless entry on his truck to operate.
There use to be a valet socket under the dash before, but It's not there anymore and I'm not sure if it was removed by this mechanic removed it when he disabled the alarm. My Dad is 88 and has bad memory so he doesn't remember what was done to the truck. Any help to reset the alarm system would be appreciated.

Thanks, Norm
Norm, thank you for allowing me to help you. I know how frustrating this must be and I am sure that we can resolve this so that your Dad will be safe.

What the mechanic did to the alarm was a physical alteration that cant be undone be a simple reset procedure. This mechanic that disabled the alarm system, is he one that you have work on this truck regularly? Do you have a good repair shop that you trust or maybe the Toyota Dealer nearby?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Genchi,

My Dads truck may be 12 years old, but has less then 6000 mile on it since it doesn't get driven very often or far. Therefore never needed a mechanic to work on it. I don't know who this mechanic is that disabled the alarm is since I wasn't there at the time. I could ask my Dad to call the mechanic back and have him undo what he did to disable everything, but he might not remember who the mechanic was. Someone he found in the phonebook or somebody else that was there called him. I found white and black electrical wire clipping on the drivers side floor mat so I am sure some wiring was altered. We do have 2 dealerships in the area so I might end up taking the truck to one of them to fix it. Maybe this mechanic jumped the wire for yhe valet

Yes, that is what I was thinking also. If you have the mechanical skills and know your way around a car then you can take a look, like when you found the wiring altered, and just undo what the mechanic did.

More than likely they just disconnected something or instead of disconnecting it, just clipped the wires and tapped them together out of the way.

If you choose the Dealer they would then be able to restore the system as it was. If you choose the local independent repair shop, they could also do the same but may also be able to insert a hidden switch that only you know about.

This switch would cut power to the ignition and then your dad couldn't start the truck. I don't know of any Dealers that would do this and is why I suggested the independent repair shop.

Either way would be good but I would think about adding that secret switch. You could even disguise it as a normal looking factory switch.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I would think altering the valet switch would disable the alarm, but would that also affect the keyless entry system, since the remote doesn't even open the doors?



Yes, it should effect both of these. I would just have the system restored back to original.

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