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camry xle v6 3.5l: HiWhen I drive in automatic mode all

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When I drive in automatic mode all seems normal. But no matter at what speed I am driving when I shift to Sequential mode I read 4th gear in the dash.
This does not seem normal to me. I bought this car a week ago. I haven't changed transmission fluid nor filter.
Let me know how to solve it.
Thank you
Thank you for trusting us with your questions. Actually, that is normal. Its set that way by default. Its kind of like pulling a non sequential shifter down into 2 or L. Same thing happens when you go from Auto to sequential, it downshifts.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX if your at stop and you choose to go to sequential it is set to go to 4th gear by default no matter what speed your at?

Are you sure about this? Shouldn't pick the best gear according to speed.

I have a cadillac SRX 2004 that does that. That is why I thought something was wrong with it.

Starting from a stop, it starts in first, then shifts up through 4th and stops there. Yiu actually have to put it into first by pulling the lever down a few times to hold first. In other words, if you come to a stop and select 3rd, it will start in first, shift to 2nd, then 3rd, but not 4th until commanded. Same with every Camry.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



I know that, what I was wondering and want you to confirm is :

When I am driving or at stop, as soon as I shift to sport 4th gear is what appears in the dash. Since you say it is the default , then nothing is wrong with the transmission. I thought depending on the speed at which you re driving in auto when you go to sport mode it should select in the dash the closest gear (less than 5mph it should show1st in the dash).

Apparently it doesn't and that normal you said. They didn't bother doing that.

Please confirm.

What your vehicle is doing is normal.
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