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Corolla: 2003 Corolla: ignition good, starter good. After start,nothing

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2003 Corolla: ignition good, starter good. After start,nothing shows on instrument panel, radio out, ac/heat doesn't operate, windows don't operate, cannot shift out of park. Checked wiring diagrams - white 12v constant not showing voltage during any stages of start. Is there a shorted circuit? All fuses are good. Fusible link in engine fuse box intact. Any help would be greatly appreciate.


Hello and thank you for trusting us with your Toyota question, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you today.


Are you available to discuss your question at this time?

Customer: Yessir

Hello! How are you doing today?

Customer: Missed work, couldn't drive... Great!

I'm sorry about that, I will do my best to help. If I may ask, how did this issue start? Also do you have a multimeter?

Customer: Kids messing around in car... Yes I have a meter.

OK when you say white 12v contact voltage not showing voltage, Which wire is that?


I mean is it at the ignition switch?

Customer: Going into the ignition switch harness, I believe. Black wire shows 12v all the time...

OK Give me a moment let me pull my diagram, in the mean time I want you to check for voltage with the car off at the alternator wire, the alternator will have a connector plugged into it and a big wire that is connected to the alternator with a 10mm nut and has a gray cover over it, remove the cover making sure you don't touch the stud and ground at the same time and measure the voltage at that stud with the car off. Let me know what you find

Customer: Okay... One moment.

Thank you


Take your time

Customer: I must be retarded because i cannot locate this.

That is OK don't say that. Do you need assistance to locate the alternator?

Customer: unless it's connected to the cruise control act...

No let me give you a picture


I marked it with a red circle, remove the gray cover which just pries off, then put your meter on volts DC then put your black meter lead on the negative battery terminal and your red meter lead on that stud after you remove the gray cover

Customer: duh... And I knew that. Why I was looking elsewhere...?

Let me know if you have battery voltage there or not.

Customer: One sec

OK take your time

Customer: 12.23

OK Good. Find and replace the following fuse 25A AM2 if you don't have a 25A spare fuse then use a 25A fuse labeled DOOR just for testing purposes

Customer: Under hood?

Hold on let me check


They are in the fuse box under the dash on the driver's side

Customer: slot 18. Says it's 15A.
Customer: AM1 is 25

Sorry I wrote the wrong number, AM1 is the one we need replaced.


AM1 is the one we need replaced. the door 25A fuse is in the same area

Customer: Fuse good but swapped any way

Did you check if everything is working now?

Customer: Not yet. One moment.


Customer: i love you, man. I checked everything but the cig lighter fuse and that was the one. Fml...

I'm glad I could help :-) Did you have any other questions for me today?

Customer: Not unless you can conjure up a plan to tell me CO why I wasn't at the command today.
Customer: *my, not me

Well I'm sure they will understand! Everyone has had car trouble in their life and they'll understand!


A positive rating for my input would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for choosing

Customer: We shall see. I had a briefing with her at noon. Thanks for the assist!

You're welcome!

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