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Corolla: My 2000 Corolla is burning a quart/200 miles

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My 2000 Corolla is burning a quart/200 miles has 185K miles on it. If I don't replace engine, and keep adding oil, how many more miles could it last? Also, what other damage could result from running an engine that burns alot of oil? Is it worth replacing the engine or just keep adding oil?
Thank you for trusting us with your questions. Have you checked thoroughly for leaks? Do you see any smoke from the exhaust while driving or on initial startup?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

A mechanic stopped by my house and gave it a look over and thought it wasn't leaking because there was no apparent oil on the sides of the engine. I don't think it leaks because there is never any oil spots on the ground where I park. Occasionally there is smoke while I'm driving....I notice it most when I accelerate after I come out of large curves in the road. On start up, there may be a little, but not much.

There is more than one thing to consider here. The answer to your question really depends on some other factors outside of just oil consumption. I would suggest a compression test being performed by your mechanic. This will give you a better idea of the internal condition of the engine. Your oil rings can get stuck causing oil consumption, while the compression rings and the cylinder walls can still be leaving in good condition. In that case, as long as you keep track of the oil level, you will be ok for a while. If not, you will need engine repair or replacement rather quickly.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

When the mechanic friend stopped by my house and looked at my car, he tested crudely for the compression.....he took the oil cap off the engine, held a small piece of paper over the opening, and had me start the engine. Air strongly blew the piece of paper up as he held it over the hole with his hand. He said this was a sign the compression was not good. Although he just did a free, quick and dirty inspection of my engine, he said either replace the engine or add some engine restoration additive to the oil. I added the restoration additive to the oil, and when I tried the piece of paper compression trick, it sucked the paper did not blow it up as it did before. However, after a week or so air was blowing the paper up again.

Does that give a good idea of the state of the compression, or is that too crude of a method to truly determine?

That tells you have blow by, or compression leaking out of the cylinders, but I work on quantitave numbers. So, no that's not really sufficient. All that does is tell you what you already know, which is, that you have a problem.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok, I will get a compression test done this week and get back to you on the numbers. Thanks!

Any progress?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yep, I had a compression test done yesterday at the toyota dealer in town here, and the numbers the lbs. they gave were 200, 80, 175, and 60. I suppose those are for each piston? Is the engine in dire straits?

Unfortunately, those numbers aren't good. You have 2 cylinders looking pretty good and 2 that aren't healthy at all. An engine replacement is going to be needed here. Good thing is, there are low mileage used engines out there and that's the most economical way to fix it. Check around at your local salvage yard.
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