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Toyota: 2005 Tundra 4wd w v8. Bad rumbling/grinding from front

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2005 Tundra 4wd w v8. Bad rumbling/grinding from front right wheel, especialy when touching brakes. The wheel feels like it will lock up if I brake. USed parking brake to ease into my driveway.

I suspected failing bearing on that side before. Bought the bearing but found out I need to have it pressed in. I brought the hub to the dealer but they refused to work on the hub. They would only do the full job. Reassembled it and drove another 10k until now this problem.

My questions are:

can you buy a hub assembly with the bearing already installed?

I had to replace the ABS sensor on that side, since the old one broke when I tried to remove it (frozen/rusted into it's socket). The new one triggered the idiot light. Any way to reset this without a techstream or diagnostic computer?
Thank you for trusting us with your questions. I'm not sure what the issue is with your dealer, but any chance your in a metropolitan area with more than one dealer? Since the ABS light is on, do you know the code number?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, there are other dealers but that's not really my question. If the hub comes with a bearing already installed, then I won't need the dealer. I'll just order that part. I can't tell from the drawings if this is the case. It doesn't seem like the best idea to press an old bearing into a new hub, so I'm guessing the hubs come with a bearing already installed. If not, I'll be wasting valuable time ordering the hub when I'm essentially stranded right now.


(None of our toyotas have ever broken down before, in like 1,000,000 miles. For the second time, in 6 months they've broken down on the SAME DAY.)


Last Winter it sounded like the bearing may be complaining, so I disassembled the hub once before to replace the wheel bearing just in case. That same day, my wife'w Camry broke down. I questioned that the bearing was really bad enough to replace and I needed my truck to get parts for the wife's car. Back together it went.


The manual said to remove the ABS sensor during the process. The plastic body of the sensor was frozen in its bore, so it cracked. I replaced it with the OEM part but connecting the new sensor triggers an idiot light.


The second question was based on the fact I do not have a techstream or diagnostic computer to read the code. There are many parts that automatically trigger a light or that use hidden buttons or some other way to reset the system. That's what I wanted to know before I go the the trouble of finding a computer to read the codes (when I'm stranded).


I have done a lot of work on Toyota trucks in the past (even built a couple from the ground up) but this was 15yrs ago. I've replaced wheel bearings before but never the cartridge type. I can handle a wrench and I'm not afraid to do the research to find out how to do something right.


Is there an automatic reset trick without the computer?

Do the hubs come with bearing installed?

The hubs and bearings come separate. Unless you can locate an aftermarket manufacturer that sells one assembled(I've never seen one), you will have to have the parts pressed together. That being said, I would check another dealer about doing a bench repair. Its not unusual to do this and we do it at the dealer where I work on a regular basis. As for the light being on, having the code read is really what needs to be done. Replacing the sensor, in and of itself will not set the light. So, there is an issue somewhere, possibly related to the bad bearing. You can simply disconnect the battery to clear the memory and the codes. If the computer finds a fault, it will set the light again.
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