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Toyota Sienna XLE: 2000 Toyota Sienna XLE. ABS light is on,

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2000 Toyota Sienna XLE. ABS light is on, returns ABS trouble codes 14, 45, 51. What are the next steps to diagnose the problem and determine the specific parts needing replacement?
Thank you for trusting us with your questions. These codes indicate a problem with the ABS pump motor during the initial computer self check. The code 51 is very plain and specific. The computer commands the pump motor on and it does not operate. This is not a code for a wiring issue, but a part failure. Your vehicle needs the pump motor assy replaced.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is it possible to buy and replace just the pump motor, or must the entire actuator assembly be replaced (~$1,700 for the part)? Also, does it make a difference if the light occasionally goes off, then comes back on again?


At the value of the vehicle( ~$2500-$4,000), it seems hardly worth it to put over $2,000 into this one component. We have been running with this issue for a while, with no noticeable affect on the driving and stopping. Does this error just mean that the Anti-lock function does not work so that they work like old fashioned, pre-ABS brakes? Or are we driving a completely unsafe vehicle?

Unfortunately, that part comes only as a unit and I understand your concern about the cost. Your vehicle is 100% safe. The brake operation is normal as if the ABS was not there. Basically, old school brakes.


The reason the light isn't always on is, if the computer runs a self test and it passes, it will not turn on the light until the next failure.

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