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I just purchased a Lexus CT 2014 Hybrid. I am unhappy that

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I just purchased a Lexus CT 2014 Hybrid. I am unhappy that every time I put the car in reverse there is a dinging sound that remains until I move out of reverse. How do I disarm the sound so I don't have to hear it every time I move into reverse?


Hello and thank you for trusting us with your Toyota question, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you today.


Congratulations on the purchase of your CT200h it's a very nice vehicle. I am also very sorry that you are unhappy with the warning tone when in reverse, A lot of people complain about it and I know that it can be annoying.


Now that tone can be changed into a single tone. Meaning you can make it only beep once to let you know you are in reverse and then stop and it wouldn't keep sounding.


On monday stop by your local lexus dealership, ask them to change the setting using their computer to change the tone from continual which it is now to a single tone.


With the single tone option selected the beep will beep for 1 second then stop beeping to stop distracting you.


The continual tone is standard on all lexus and toyota hybrids because they've found that often people forget their vehicles in reverse because the car is so quiet then it takes off in reverse if you let go of the brake pedal. So simply a safety reminder that the vehicle is in reverse still.


I hope this answers your question, Please let me know if you have any other questions for me.


One more thing that I forget to mention. The dealership will not charge anything to do this procedure and I would even say that you don't need an appointment to change the setting because it takes 2 minutes to do. Find your salesman and have them talk to service to get you in and out quickly.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your answer. It is very helpful. Is it possible to lower the volume of the one-second continual beep, or is their only one volume?

You're very welcome!

Unfortunately I do not show an option to lower the volume of the 1 second beep. You can turn off the seat belt alarm for the passenger side and driver's side, but you cannot turn off the reverse beep all together. However I have been through this issue with a lot of customers and I fully understand how frustrating it can be and distracting. I think once you switch it to the single beep it will not be annoying at all and you wouldn't need to lower the tone of the beep. You will see.

A positive rating for my input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for choosing

AMD and 2 other Toyota Specialists are ready to help you