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Toyota Hilux Dual Cab: Hi my friend has a problem with his

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Hi my friend has a problem with his car:
2008 Hilux Dual Cab 4ltr V6 petrol
It has tranmission shifting problems.
How do you check the transmission oil level as there is no dipstick?
Thank you for choosing JustAnswer and allowing me to help you resolve your Toyota questions! The transmission is electronically controlled. There is no dipstick. This is W/S fluid and is very temperature sensitive. There are 2 plugs in the bottom of the pan. One is for draining and one is an over flow or checking hole. The trans is filled with the fill plug up on the case and there is a special procedure you have to do to check the fluid level.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok thanks. Can you tell me what this procedure is?

I just want to eliminate the oil level as a possible reason for the erratic shifting.


The problem he is having is:

When he comes to a complete stop, about a second later it feels like it is clunking into gear.

And sometimes when he is driving along it doesnt shift into top gear.

And problems with it slipping when going around a corner.


Could this be an oil level issue or something more?

The fluid volume is critical if you are off by even a 1/2 to 1 pint it can cause
all kinds of weird shifting issues. The fill plug is on the right side of the
trans housing and is 15/16 in size. You will need a suction gun or a long hose
attached to a funnel to fill fluid. USE ONLY TOYOTA W/S FLUID THIS IS CRITICAL. The official way is to fill the fluid until the oil comes out the small over fill hole in the middle of the pan. Install the plug temporarily. Then start the vehicle and run through the gears until the trans temp is up to 95 deg and no more then 115 deg. Then remove the over fill plug and see if oil comes out the initial over flow is normal. Then top off or fill until the oil runs out of the small over fill pug. Then you are done.

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