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02 Echo completely dead. No interior lights/radio or anything.

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02 Echo completely dead. No interior lights/radio or anything. The car has sat for about a month, but worked okay last time I used it. I wouldn't think the battery died as it had been replaced within the last couple of years. The glove box was open when I got in it today, but I don't remember if there is a glove box light, as that would certainly have drained the battery... otherwise, corrosion on the battery connections would be about my only other guess... Thoughts?
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The problem here will be that the battery power is too low to start the car or power anything. With this you have several options. 1) replace the battery--yours may still be under a pro-rated or straight replacement warranty 2) try and recharge the battery. This may take some 4-6 hours and depending on how bad it is, may not work. That battery may hold a charge for a while and then go dead again.

Now to get the Echo out of the garage, you can jump it off and move it or, take a look at the base of the shifter. There is a cover with the letters P,R,N,D etc.. On the right front side of the cover there is a small squarish tab piece. Pop that cover off and push the button hidden underneath down, while holding the button down, put the shifter in neutral so you move push the car.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Your confident it's the battery? Outside of a light possibly being on in the glove box (if there is even 1 in there) I'm not sure what else would have drained it... Anyways, I'm hoping that's all it is. If the battery is dead, can I use jumpers to possibly fire it up? Just leave them on for 5-10 minutes before trying to start it first or do you think that wont work at this point?


Thanks for the tips on getting the car out of the garage. I'll be attempting to get it out this morning. Otherwise, thanks for taking the time and writing back to me, appreciate it

The pleasure is all mine and thank you for letting me help. Jumping the car may work. I say may because it will depending on how dead the battery is. Sometimes if they are really dead then they just wont hold a charge at all and try to charge them may not work in order to get it to start. It is worth a try and is what we always do at the dealer.

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