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sienna: I need to identify the fuel line as it turns up from

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I need to identify the fuel line as it turns up from below the chassi and goes in front of the fire wall into the engine area (2001 Sienna EXL 3.0L VVTI). From underneath I see 4 lines the right 2 are shiny aluminum (I think they are the AC). Again from underneath, I see The left two lines Jog left and disappear from my sight (I think one of theses is the fuel line, the further left is much thinner.)
Thank you for choosing JustAnswer and allowing me to help you resolve your Toyota questions! Are you referring to the lines on the left or right side of the van looking forward and up fro under the car? Right side being the passenger side. What exactly is the problem with the van?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No problem purely an identification issue.

My references are as if I am under the van with me feet towards the rear and my head under the engine area. The lines are towards the passenger side of the van. Good questions.

There are four lines going to the back of the vehicle. Two
of these lines are shorter and go up under the passenger side seat and are for
the heater core. One is a coolant line in and the other is a return coolant
line. The small aluminum line along with the little bit larger line that go to
the rear of the vehicle and go up into the right rear quarter panel are the air
conditioning lines, the smaller line is the high side or high-pressure line and
the larger one is the return air conditioning line from the evaporator core. On
the driver side you will find two brake lines and two fuel lines, one is the
fuel pressure line and one is the fuel vapor whine that goes back to the tank.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok now i MON THE CORRECT SET OF LINES. Looking at the set on the drivers side from underneath. But you describe 4 and I see 5. Again with my feet towards the rear and my head towards the engine. Can you tell me which one delivers fuel to the engine?


Everything is so tight I can not visually trace them up myself.

On the driver side of the Van you will find the two fuel lines closest to the frame rail. The smaller lines are the brake lines. The main fuel tube goes up behind the power steering rack and across the left unibody arc that the power steering rack goes through and bolts into the bottom of the fuel filter. If you were to remove the drivers front wheel and look through the wheel well arch You will see the main fuel line going into the bottom of the fuel filter. Click the links below to enlarge for a better illustration.





Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So close now, my van version does not have the fuel filter in this location. So my version must have that in the version 2 charcoal tank (as a fuel sock maybe).


Anyway, I do see from underneath there are two lines closer the the frame rail (towards the center of the van). If that is what you are talking about which one is the fuel line delivering fuel TO the engine.

Do you have the VIN available? Can you post a picture and I can confirm.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



My bad the set of 2 are nearer the edge of the drivers side, I incorrectly said the center.toyotasienna 2001 This picture is looking towards the front of the van. It seems that as the set of 2 go towards the back of the van they jog all the way to the drivers side.


And this next picture looking towards the back shows what they look like right after the jog to the drivers side. One of these 3 must be the fuel delivery line right?



The pictures did not come out but By the VIN I was able to figure out there is a production split from the pictures I sent before were early 01 and late 00. Click the link below. This is your van by VIN and the fuel filter is inside the tank. The line highlighted in yellow and against the frame rail is the main feed line. The other ones are the evaporative purge line and the fresh air inlet to the canister.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So the one closet to the frame rail is my fuel delivery line right? Here I'm trying a smaller sized picture. This is looking towards the back of the van right after the set of 2 line jog all the way over to the drivers side they are joined by a slightly larger 3rd line.

So the one closet to the frame rail is my fuel delivery line right? YES


This is the one in the picture with the blue clip.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for sticking with me. I got it now.

You are welcome and please do not forget to rate the exchange at 3 or higher and if you need anything in the future feel free to ask for me in the question and I will get back to you.