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Toyota Camry LE: Electrical Question. I have a DART tracking

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Electrical Question. I have a DART tracking device that I intend to hard wire into a 2004 Camry. I am not opposed to using QUIK MINI fuse expanders off of cabin fuse box. what fuses would be good to get (1) 12 volts DC continuous off the battery; (2) 12 volts DC in KEY ON position only; and (3) connection for GROUND wire?
Thank you for choosing JustAnswer and allowing me to help you resolve your Toyota questions! When you say you're not opposed to using quick many fuse expanders you're referring to the little adapters that plug in place of the fuse then the fuse plugs into it and it gives you a little tiny wire in which to tap into?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes, so i can patch into system without cutting into and existing wires.


main questions are which fuses would I use for the three (3) described needs?

The best fuse for constant 12 V power supply is the 15 amp stop fuse in the fuse box on the driver side. The 15 amp PowerPoint fuse is going to be your best fuse for 12 V power supply with the key in the on position. As far as your ground you're not going to be able to plug into anything in the fuse block. Your best bet is to find a metal brace up under the instrument panel or normally on the left-hand side remove the kick panel behind there, there usually is a 10 mm nut or stud with ground wires attached to it or you can create your own by simply running a sheet-metal screw into the sheet-metal next to the door/kick panel brace.

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