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Toyota camry: in detailing my dashboard,whatever they used

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in detailing my dashboard,whatever they used has caused it to be very sticky and shiny,which reflects the sun in my eyes and distorts my vision. can this be fixed?

sounds like they've used some silicone spray of some kind

I'd suggest using some general household surface cleaner as you would use in a kitchen to degrease/ clean the worktops and some gentle rubbing with a soft cloth to remove the coating

don't use anything aggressive like Cif as this will 'scrub' the plastic and leave some scratches

something like Windex is ideal
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I tried Windex last night but it did not work, could I use greased lightning?

Hello Janice

in that case I'd use some brake cleaner to degrease and clean the surface


only spray a bit onto the rag not the plastic as it can soften some plastics if left on the surface

the greased lightening products are meant to leave a shine so as you said you don't want that, probably best to avoid

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I used the brake cleaner,but it did not work,so in desperation, I used the Greased Lightning and it did work better, I will use it again today and see if it will clean more of the silicone off. If it continues to remove all of the

stickiness,do I need to use something else to protect the surface?

Hello Janice

the greased lightening contains a polish so after using this you shouldn't have to use anything else
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I plan to try this again to see if I can get a better outcome and will let you know it I find something better. Thank you for your help

No problem