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highlander: My air conditioner is blowing somewhat cool air

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My air conditioner is blowing somewhat cool air out of the passenger side vents. No cool air out of the drivers side. Low side pressure is only 10ps1. High side is 300-350. on an 80deg. day was blowing 60 on pass. side. 75 deg on driver side.

Hello I will help you with your question,

Well the compressor is working well but you have a restriction in the system The sealer will be a problem, it has no place in an AC system and it has caused a blockage. The key to finding the blockage is there will be a cold spot where the pressure drops from the 300-350 to 10 psi. That is before the evaporator in the vehicle and may be in the expansion valve.

Is the line cold or hot going into the firewall?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

which side of firewall; will have to check and get back to you; where is evaporator/expansion valve.

On the engine side where the lines go in, The small line is from the compressor and the larger line is out of the cab from the evaporator.

Check the temperature of both of the lines, If the small line is cold back up to the condenser on front of the radiator and see if you have a cold spot there or in the drier (can on the side of the condenser). Somewhere the line is clogged with the sealer.

Make sure the cooling fan is running, you should have a 40 degree drop from the inlet to the outlet of the condenser. If you have 50 or more the condenser is clogged.

If you have an IR thermometer it makes these checks easy.

Let me know so I can help


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

where is expansion valve/ how do i get to it

The expansion valve is on the evaporator inside the HVAC case in the cab. This is why you need to check the temperatures at the firewall. Hope you find a cold high pressure line or the dash will need to come out.

Let me know what you find and how I can help


George H. and other Toyota Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok. how do i stay in touch to go to next step.

Bookmark this page or save it to you favorites. When you post to this page I am notified and will respond. I am online most of the time.

Let me know what you find and how I can help