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Toyota 4Runner SR5: A 4Runner 1996, V6 AT check engine light

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A 4Runner 1996, V6 AT check engine light for a missfire cylinder # XXXXX?
what are the possible causes?
Hello! Welcome to the site! Thanks for coming! I'm Ron Z. I'm here to provide as much info and insight as I can, to best answer your question.

There are a few different things hat can set a single-cylinder misfire. On this engine, a very common fail item is the Ignition Coil or the Spark Plug, so this is probably the best place to start. On this vehicle, cylinder #6 is on the driver's side, closest to the windshield. Carefully inspect the electrical connector to the Coil for any loose, broken or damaged wires. Remove the coil and remove the spark plug. Inspect the plug for any cracks or signs of a worn diode. If there are any doubts about the plug and replacement is needed, all the plugs should be replaced at the same time. If the plug looks ok, you can swap the coil with another one. If the code changes, and the misfire switches cylinders, the coil is the culprit and will need to be replaced.
If the plug and coil check good, the next items to look into will be the Fuel Injector, air intake leaks around cylinder #6 and ultimately, cylinder compression. On these engines, these are not as common, so starting with the plug and coil will very likely solve the problem.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks Ron,

precisely the plugs were changed (6) at the same time, so they are new and original Toyota brand.

The scanner detected a misfire in cyl. 6, but in my car is in the left side (passenger side) and this part of the block has three coils on top of each plug, well that's what I was told, cables and wiring look okay

unless coil failure, the car runs fine at times but all of a sudden the engines vibrates.

Engine was washed before inspection, two days later the check light came on.

any other ideas Ron,

Thanks for your time,


If the engine was washed prior to the misfire, there has to be a water intrusion problem somewhere. Inspect the spark plug for cylinder #6 and make sure there is no water around it. Make sure there is no water in the wires. Inspect the electrical connector to the fuel injector and make sure it is good and dry as well. As for the coils- there should be 3 of them mounted to the driver's side cylinder head (click "view full image" on the image above to get a pop-up window with a close-up view). #6 is the closest to the windshield. If everything checks dry and no signs of damage due to water intrusion, suspect a faulty coil.
Here's a view of the fuel injectors:
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Ron,
I was planning to replace the coil for cyl. # 6 but all of a sudden the problem is gone, I don't know but maybe as the Mechanic here told me could be an obstruction in the injector and was released.
thanks anyway, everything is fine now.

That very well could be. Even the smallest clog in an injector is noticed.

Well, at least you have the info in case something arises again!

Have a great day!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Ron,

for the record I'm NOT asking more questions I just told you the problem was solved and if in the future if I need more help, be sure I will contact you,


Hope this does not generate more charges

I'm extremely sorry! Those emails you received are automatically generated by the website! Not me! I apologize!

No more charges will generate. I promise. No need to reply to this message.

Again, I apologize for the website automated emails. If you need me, you know where to find me! Have a great day!