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Canuck Tech
Canuck Tech, Auto Mechanic
Category: Toyota
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Experience:  Completed Apprenticeship with Toyota
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Matrix: When I fill up my gas tank the gauge doesnt go above

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When I fill up my gas tank the gauge doesn't go above half a tank. What is causing this to happen? Also when putting in gas the gas will click off numerous times before it is full. (I found if I hold it to the side it doesn't happen)

Canuck Tech :

I think there are 2 issues. I suspect the fuel level sending unit is faulty, and I also suspect that the vent valve for the evaporative emissions system is partially plugged. Is there a Check Engine light on?


no check engine light

Canuck Tech :

will you be repairing this yourself?



Canuck Tech :

The fuel level sender is just a variable resistance sender. The most likely cause is the sender, and you should be able to access it from under the back seat / trunk area. The vent valve is part of the charcoal cannister. Toyota calls it a refuelling valve. You may need a whole cannister to get it. Given I am tring to diagnose this over the internet, you may wish to take the car to a mechanic to verify what I'm telling you, as I can only go on the symptoms. If you elect to replace parts, you are on your own... Myself, or Just Answer cannot be held responsible if the repair doesn't work... I'm not trying to discourage you, but simply stating that I can make educated calls, but I'm not in front of the car. Canuck

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My check engine has now come on.

Hi there - did you fix this yourself? I will need a code from the engine computer to go further, but my guess is that there is a p0440 or something similar - evaporative emissions leak. I need a code, though... Canuck

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have not tried to do anything as of yet. The codes are p0441, p0442 and p0446.

Evaporative emissions codes... P0441 Incorrect purge flow. P0442 Small leak detected P0446 Evap vent control circuit. The last one relates to the first one. If the electrical circuit is bad, the system can't purge the hydrocarbon vapors from the charcoal cannister. These are not serious issues for a competent technician.