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Corolla LE: I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla LE with a small evap

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I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla LE with a small evap leak code. Mechanic discovered from a smoke test that it is leaking near the vapor canister. Recommended replacing the whole vapor canister assembly. I would like to puchase the part online and have the mechanic put the part in but I'm strapped for money. Is there a website online that sells a vapor canister below $200 new? Closest I found was $228, that includes shipping. I thought about a salvage company online but the mechanic said he doesn't recommend used parts for an emission related problem. The part number is XXXXX Any help would be great or recommendations.

Your mechanic is right on regarding the used parts on this system.... it is known for failure and the odds of getting a good one are 50/50 at this point in the vehicles ago. If there is smoke exiting the canister and the vent is pinched shut like you normally would do for a smoke test, odds are the canister has cracked as they do.

The cheapest I can locate the canister from a dealer is $218 + shipping.... that's 25% below regular price and you aren't likely to find lower than that. The dealer with that price was Olathe Toyota. Getting beyond that 25% barrier it pretty difficult as it leaves little room for profit for the dealer.... most items cost the dealer 60-65% of MSRP, making only a 10-15% profit margin. While this sounds not bad (twenty-odd dollars), remember the overhead is huge at a dealership.

If you do not mind buying from Ebay, I did find one new one there for $210 + shipping HERE. Depending on your distance from Ohio (the sellers location) you could get out for only a few dollars more to ship.

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