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automatic toyota camry: I was stuck in the snow, tried to get

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I was stuck in the snow, tried to get out and smoke came out the transmission after that car tires were no longer spinning or even trying to push??
There are only 2 possible causes for the problem you are having; you have either broken an axle or you have broken something internal to the transmission.
The first thing to check is for a broken axle or CV joint. If you look under the car you will see an axle shaft on each side that connects between the transmission and each front wheel. If one is broken you should be able to see it, or try to turn each one by hand (it should not rotate without turning the wheel it is attached to).
If the axles are both intact, the next thing is to start the engine and check the transmission fluid level using the dipstick; there is some possibility that you may ahve just overheated the transmission and pushed a lot of fluid out from the dipstick tube (this should be obvious if this is the cause, as there will be a significant amount of red transmission fluid splattered everywhere under the hood.)
If both axles are intact and teh fluid level is normal then the problem is internal to the transmission, and the transmission will need to be removed and disassembled to identify the exact broken component.
I hope this is helpful...
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