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Toyota Highlander: the 2-12v power outlets along with the lighter

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the 2-12v power outlets along with the lighter are dead. I checked and replaced 2 broken fuses and tried it again... lighter still doesn't work. I re-pulled the 10, 27, 29 (trying to remember them from memory) fuses, rechecked, 1 blown, replaced it and tried it again.. nothing. The only other option I can think of is the ALT fuse. I find it odd as the idiot lights have not indicated there is a problem. But then again, they are idiot lights, after all.
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Do you have another charger to try? We have seen in increase number of blown fuses in the power outlet due to faulty cell phone chargers that blow the fuse as soon as you plug the charger in. If you have a volt meter we can verify that the power outlet works.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This is not a new charger. I've been using it for 9 months. I just noticed that my cell phone was not charging. Sorry, I don't have another one. I also rechecked the fuses after trying the lighter element again and the fuses were still good but the outlets don't work. I stopped testing to see if it was working with the cellphone charger and tried it with the lighter... still didn't work. What about the ALT fuse? Would that have anything to do with the outage

Sorry, I don't have a voltage meter.


I thought that after replacing the fuses and inserting the lighter element, the socket would work but it doesn't. Right now, it's dark and hard to see the fuse box, located under dash on drivers side.


Let's play devils advocate... if the lighter doesn't work and the fuses are all ok, what would be your next best guess?

The ALT fuse have nothing to do with this outage, if the alt fuse was off you would have other problems bigger than the power outlet.

If the fuses are good and by good I mean checking for 12v on both sides with the fuse in place and still nothing then I would move towards checking for voltage at the outlet, if the outlet has power and ground on it then the charger is bad, if there's no power or ground then it will turn into a typical electrical diagnosis for an open or a bad connection. Knowing toyota this is not the case, it's either the charger causing the fuses to blow which is most likely, if not then it's the socket itself.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have one last question. When purchasing fuses, are they good and bad fuses, like brands, to buy. I was really surprised after replacing the fuse, it blew again with just the lighter element. It seems so weird.

There are no brands for fuses, There are only sizes, as long as you use the correct size designed to be there you are good. The fuse will blow if there's an over load, I have seen from my experience where some cell phone chargers overload that circuit which will blow the fuse immediately and that is normal because that's what the fuse is designed to do, if the fuse was not there and there's an overload the wires will start to melt and eventually catch on fire, so we know that the protection is working as it should.
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