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Prius: with a trouble code wont go. Interlock plug IS

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I, too, have Prius (2006) with a trouble code p0a0d. Car won't go. Interlock plug IS for sure inserted correctly. What happened, is I attempted to use a voltmeter to check HV battery voltage. I didn't realize that the orange cables have a grounded shield within them. I pierced the orange insulation with a probe from a volt-meter. Wham - trouble codes. I have checked the orange cable carefully, there is no lingering connection between the shield and the inner cable. Help!?Prius

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Just to clarify you are 100% certain that you have the main high-voltage orange plug inserted flipped up then pushed down to the lock position correctly?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes. I tried upside down, won't go. Works nicely when I insert, lift handle up, then slide down. Big fuse is OK and the little reed switch thing has continuity
Do you have the sub information codes either 351 or 350? Did you have the inverter cover assembly off of the inverter? Do you have any history on the vehicle leading up to this current problem? Why was the high-voltage plug removed and why were you checking for voltage at the HV battery?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I was investigating a plan to build a battery charger ( I have a variable transformer and diodes that would make a charger - I wanted to know what level of voltage was maintained on the battery when you park for a long time with the AC running. I have now retired that whole plan). That is why I was checking voltage. The inverter cover has never been off, I only removed the high-voltage plug after this problem popped up. The tips of my meter leads indicate that some current was involved when the leads intercepted the (+) and (-) cables and their grounded shields simultaneuosly. I think maybe I have done something to a master relay, or something.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I'm an old electric fork lift mechanic. A quick way to get a voltage reading sometimes was to stick your meter leads thru the insulation and into the conductor of the big old cables on these things. I did not know that there was a grounded shield under the insulation of these cables.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ther is something in the code info about a p0300, "random misfire detected"
Cylinder misfire code is not going to be an issue at this point. That may have something to do with the spark plugs that is the least of your worries at this point. Unfortunately is very difficult to diagnose these types of problems and there is inherent danger and liability involved when working with high-voltage systems. It is possible that when piercing the insulation and grounding wire you have spiked the computer in some way or a piece of the ground shielding is still contacting the high-voltage inner cable. If this is the case the computer will shut the system down. The only way to correctly check for that scenario is to do a mega ohm test of the inner cable to ground. The only way this code set is if the safety switches the one on the inverter and the one on the orange lock plug at the hybrid battery is detecting a short or unsafe condition.
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