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2002 Camry: My key will not unlock the doors but it will start the car

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I have a 2002 Camry. My key will not unlock the doors but it will start the car. The remote does not work at all. The key and remote are separate. They both stopped working at the same time.  Dealer says $300 to fix. I know I can fix this on my own. How?

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does the passenger side door and trunk open with your key?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The key doesn't work on any of the doors inlcuding the trunk. I cannot lock the doors or unlock the doors with the key - or the remote for that matter. Panic button does not work either.

OK, go to your local toyota dealership's part department with the title of your vehicle and ask them to cut you a metal test key off of the vin no. of your vehicle, That should be very cheap maybe 5 dollars at most. Get this key and try to open the doors and trunk, I suspect that your current key is worn out slightly that it's not opening the doors. If the newly cut key does not work on the doors and trunk attempt to spray some wd40 where the key goes and try to work the lock back and forth slowly DO NOT break the key inside one of the locks. If all fails then you might need replace lock cylinders.


As for the remote, have you tried to replace the battery? If you've replaced the battery and attempted to re-programmed and still nothing then you might need a new remote, you may buy one off of ebay it's cheaper than the dealer.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Would it have anything to do with unhooking the battery cables for a few hours at one point? This was about a week or two before this problem started happening? Doing this also changed a lot of things. Not all the doors unlock now when I shut off the car and I had to drive it for a while til the idle and oxygen sensor were reset. If I unhooked the cables again, would this fix this problem with the key and remote?


I have no problem paying for the answer. Thank you. XXXXX mean no insult to you. I am just concerned that your solution will not fix the problem since my wife's keys and remote work fine. It is strangely coincidental that mine both stopped working at the same time.

If your wife's key work, then attempt to get a key cut off of that key since it works. Also it is a coincidence. Since one remote works and the other doesn't it confirms that the problem is in the remote itself. Did you replace the battery on the remote?


As for the other things that are going on in the vehicle, you might need to visit the dealer and have them reprogram the various functions that changed when you reset everything. You cannot change these options at home because you need a toyota scan tool.

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