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2002 Tacoma: p0440 p0441 p0446 codes..scanner..hose under hood..volt

Resolved Question:

2002 Tacoma 2.7L P0440 P0441 P0446 codes. Clear codes useing scanner in modeXXXXXevap fail all three. Put smoke thru evap hose under hood, Smoke comes out of coller on fuel filler neck, Check volt and ohoms to gnd on all solenoids, good. Check volt at ECM-good. Possible bad evap canister?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  AMD replied 5 years ago.

Hello and thank you for choosing just answer.


If the smoke is coming out of the collar that is a part of the filler neck then probably that's what's leaking and the filler neck needs to be replaced. They are very common to rust and leak. Replace the filler neck assembly which can be bought at any toyota dealership it will come with the line that goes to the canister. Make sure you secure all clamps and re-smoke to make sure that everything is sealed and re-run the monitor.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Replaced fuel neck twice! Still leaks thru coller engine running or not! Neck leaks on or off vehicle! That tube hose goes to the canister what looks to be a manual valve. Is it possible that valve is bad?????? How do I test that Valve???????Expert?????
Expert:  AMD replied 5 years ago.

OK you did not state that you replaced the fuel neck in your original question.


OK there are two hoses other than the big one that are on the filler neck, one goes directly to the fuel tank. and the other one that ends up going to the canister has a round object that it passes through first which is the fuel overfill check valve. Is the fuel overfill check valve is the source of the smoke when testing the evap?


Refer to this diagram and tell me which part is leaking the smoke if it's not what i'm talking about




Expert:  AMD replied 5 years ago.
Also the right way to check evap solenoids is to apply vacuum to one of the ports of the vsv and see if it holds vacuum first. if it does then command that solenoid on with the scan tool if you have one that can command them on if you don't then apply power and ground to the solenoid and see if it releases vacuum. The solenoid might be getting power and ground but it might be stuck in one position.
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