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Toyota 80 series landcruiser: 80 series landcruiser towing

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80 series landcruiser towing capacity changed in australia in oct 1996 from 2.5 tonne to 3.5 tonne
True or false ?
what if any mechanical changes were made to the 1995 update model (post july 1995) to support this upgrade, or was it simply the same vehicle reassessed to the new capacity to compete with the newly released nissan patrol ?

ToyotaTom : Hello, and thank you for choosing Just Answer to help you with your questions!
ToyotaTom : In 96 there were some minor changes made to the suspension, and some minor changes to the spring rate on the springs inside the transmission valve body. That Is about all the differences. However I am not sure about Australia but in the states they do tend to change the way they rate tow capacities from time to time. You would have to check your legislature or department of traffic for articles back then to see if anything had changed there. I have found where they made a significant change in 1998 and it is possible that Toyota took this in to account before the change was made. Auto manufacturers are generally aware of these changes several years before they take effect so they have time to accommodate any changes they need to make in production to meet the new standards.

thank you for this.


thank you for this. can you please elaborate on the minor changes to the suspension. I had heard that there was a slight change to the brakes. what do you say

ToyotaTom :

In the american models they made anti lock brakes standard. I am not 100% on this, but I believe the suspension change was just a very slightly stiffer spring rate. I understand that it is extremely difficult to find exactly what the differences were, just what changes were made

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