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Toyota Corolla S: My check engine light went on last night.

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My check engine light went on last night. I noticed when I opened the hood that the battery lead had white corrosion material and cleaned with baking soda and light water. It didn't turn the light off. I've used high octane gas since buying the 2006 Toyota Corolla. I got gas last on Wed. at the same station I used for months. I don't know what might be the problem. Are there any suggestions you have?

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At any time during driving while the check engine light was on did it start to flash at all? Do you have a code reader or no what the malfunction code number is XXXXX may be set in the engine control computer causing the check engine light come on? Are you noticing any loss of performance or acceleration?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

It hasn't flashed at all. There is no loss of performance or acceleration. I don't have a code reader, but I can take it to various shops; but I don't know who's reliable and honest. So, I don't know any code. The engine doesn't seem hot-- the dial seems to be in the "normal" range.


90% of the time when the check engine light illuminates and it is not flashing and you have no loss of performance the problem is usually related to a emissions failure. This could be anything from a loose gas cap to a leak in the evaporative emission system or one of the switching valves not working correctly. Depending on the temperature where you're at there have been some issues with intake manifold gaskets leaking causing a lean condition code to set. If you can get to a nearby AutoZone or similar parts store in most states they do free engine code reads. With this malfunction code number I can perhaps save you some money and a trip to repair shop. If you did leave the gas cap loose and you're pretty confident that is the problem you can erase the code by simply removing the negative battery cable for 5 min. If the light pops back on you would need to get the code number to me.
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