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Toyota Sequoia Limited: I did a oil change yesterday. An hour

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I did a oil change yesterday. An hour later we took the 2006 sequoia out for a run to the store and the trany started slipping only the first gear. once it gets moving it seem fine, then after a stop it starts slow again.
any insight
Thank you for trusting Just Answer with your Toyota question. Did you change the oil yourself, or did someone else do it?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I changed it myself.
Any chance at all you drained even a little of the transmission fluid? That's not uncommon.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Now you got me nervious. I thought i drained the oil pan, are they both close up front?

how can i check the trany fluid level?

The transmission pan is rearward of the engine, but we still see the transmission pan being drained sometimes. Even by professionals. The transmission fluid check is a time consuming process. You will need a 5mm Allen socket to do it. Do you have one?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I went outside and drained the rest of the tranny fluid git about a quart out. Like a dummy thats what i did. How do i add new fluid as i cant find where it goes in?

I have to drain and redue the oil too?



Is it a 2 wd or 4 wd?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
2 wd
The fill plug is on the drivers side of the case. It has a 24mm hex head and has WS stamped into it. You will need to use ONLY Toyota WS fluid in this transmission. It will require you to have a pump to pump the fluid into the transmission and a 5mm Allen socket to check the level. When you have all this together, let me know and I can get you the fill procedure. It is involved and takes some time and effort.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

How many quarts of fluid should i get?

I have looked and can not find the 24mm hex head can you tighten up the look area?



Ok, I double checked in the service manual. I was thinking of the newer 6 speedXXXXXmodels. On this one, the fill plug is above and just rearward of the right rear corner if the transmission pan. If needed, I can get you a diagram.
Just under 2 quarts to refill when only the pan drain has been removed. Still, we will want to check and verify the proper fluid level using the correct procedure.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Ok I got 3 quarts of honda trany fluid, and a pump. I think i found the fill spot. Is it a 24mm hex allen on the drivers side of the pan? If so i will have to get a 24mm allen wrench.

let me know


DO NOT REMOVE A LARGE ALLEN HEAD PLUG. Here is a diagram showing plug location.

Load that picture and let me know you got it successfully. Make sure you have Toyota WS transmission fluid only. Anything else will damage your transmission.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I found the fill plug it has WS on it. I got Castrol Transmax import multi vehicle for Honda, toyota and Nissan vehicles i dont see where it states WS though..

I know nothing about that fluid or its compatibility. I strongly recommend visiting your Toyota dealer and getting genuine Toyota WS fluid. These transmissions have been known to be very particular about fluid and the the level.
Boxer54 and other Toyota Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok got everything i need. Now ready to fill and check levels?
Ok, add 2.5 - 3 quarts of fluid, then we will need to get the transmission to the correct temperature. The procedure requires using a jumper wire to connect 2 pins at the datalink connector under the dash on the drivers side. To get the correct pins, refer to this picture.

Then follow this procedure to get the temperature correct to check.

a. Using SST, connect terminals TC and CG of the DLC3. SST 09843-18040 b. Move the shift lever back and forth between N and D at 1.5 second intervals for 6 seconds .

c. The A/T OIL TEMP indicator turns on for 2 seconds when the combination meter starts to detect the fluid temperature. d. The A/T OIL TEMP indicator turns on again when the fluid temperature reaches 46°C (115°F) and blinks when it exceeds 56°C (130°F) .



The fluid temperature must be between 46°C (115°F) and 56°C (130°F) to check the fluid level. Do not insert the fill nozzle into the refill hole more than 30 mm (1.2 inch) to avoid contact with the moving parts.

a. Remove the overflow plug with the engine idling. b. Check that the fluid comes out of the overflow tube. c. Wait until the overflow slows to a trickle. If fluid does not come out, perform the following.

1. Install the overflow plug. 2. Stop the engine. 3. Remove the refill plug. 4. Add 0.4 liters (0.21 US qts, 0.18 Imp. qts) of fluid. 5. Allow the engine to idle. 6. Remove the overflow plug. 7. Wait until fluid begins to trickle out from the overflow tube.

The check plug is the one that uses a 5mm Allen socket to remove on the pan. The SST referred to is just a jumper wire. A paper clip will work. Let me know where clarification is needed.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I had to buy a 4th quart...but that seemed to work. I got some drips coming out of the overflow plug. I replaced the screw. I should be good to go now?
As long as the temp light was on steady and you get fluid out of the check plug, yes, you should be ready. Road test it and make sure it feels OK. Let me know.
Boxer54 and other Toyota Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I did a test run and all seemed well. i only drove it for a few miles.

Should i go to the dealership and have the transmission flushed? i do have 120,000

miles on this suv. Just hope i did not cause any damage to this baby.

Thanks for your help.

Ron Robichaux

[email protected]

Anytime, just let us know what you need help with in the future. Probably no damage done, but a flush is probably a good idea as the service was due at 100,000 miles.