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car has a hard time accelerating, going up hill, feels like

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car has a hard time accelerating, going up hill, feels like something is slipping. possible transmission? timing belt?

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Is this an automatic transmission or manual transmission? Does the engine rev up normally? Are there any warning lights on such as the check engine light? How many miles are on the vehicle?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
There are about 100.000 miles on it. it is an automatic trasmission with a ECT button which I believe has something to do with enhancing traction. There has been a sporadic check engine light which was checked multiple times and was told that it was an engine light problem. The engine at the beginning of acceleration starts off normal then becomes jerky or stuttering like something is slipping, at about 2000 RPM it starts to accelerate more smoother then shifts. My daughter says it will not accelerate well on hiway, and slows down to 15 MPH on a steep hill
First of all the ECT button just slightly delays the shift points of the transmission. This allows for additional torque and power if you have a heavier load or more people in the vehicle. If the check engine light was on recently there'll be code stored in the engine control computer. It would be good to know what the specific code numbers are. They could be related to the current problem. Has the check engine light ever started to flash? Most auto-parts stores like AutoZone and O'Reillys do free engine code reads. If it drives well enough to get by there and have them hook a code reader to the car to find out what the codes are that are stored would be helpful. There are multiple things that could be causing this type of problem. Everything from cylinder misfire from bad ignition wires or bad ignition coils which I have seen both or you could have the timing belt starting to come apart and jump time. Has the timing belt ever been done? Can you get me the code numbers?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I can try to get the codes, the timing belt has never been done. how do i respond later when i get the codes?
Just login to your account and post back to this ongoing post as you have been and I will reply back to you. I will be on for some time yet this evening and will be monitoring on and off during the day tomorrow.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I went to Oreillys unfortunately, no codes to read. I tried to get the light to go on but was unsuccessful, I could get the slippage,jerking to happen
If the light comes back on trying get there soon as you can to have them check for codes. Otherwise you need to start by checking the basics spark plugs, wire condition, ignition coils, also check your fuel flow and pressure. Make sure that you do not have bad gas. This could be something as simple as a bad batch of gas the last fill up. It is unlikely the timing belt because it would not come and go like this. However this timing belt generally will not last much longer than 90 or 100,000 miles. You are already on borrowed time if it's never been replaced.
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