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2001 Toyota Camry: hesitated..10 seconds..idling rough..smooth..park

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My 2001 Toyota Camry hesitated when first driving in the morning. After about 10 seconds or so it would go just fine. Now it is idling rough while stopped and in drive (but is very smooth running if put into park). As I accelerate from a stop it is a little slow and rough but is fine once up to 15 or 20 mph. It does seem to have a little hitch in the acceleration sometimes when going up a hill.
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Is the check engine light on while driving?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yes. My uncle had pulled some codes off of it a few months ago but he thought they indicated an issue just with tightening the gas cap. I cannot find the codes but the gas cap was not the issue....the light came right back on.


Best place to start is by checking codes again. If you have no scan tool, most auto parts stores will check the codes for you. Let me know what codes you get and I can help with further diagnosis.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I will run up now and try to get codes. Hope to have back in 1 hour.
Sounds good. Let me know when you can.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.







As I paid more attention the rough idle has seemed less pronounced following the added oil last night and it occurs in all gears including park and neutral - just maybe a little less pronounced in park or neutral. It idles at about 700 rpm's and occasionally drops down for 1/2 second or so to about 550 rpm's. The frequency seems to be random anywhere from 2 second gaps to 9 seconds between drops. I did recheck the oil this morning and it is full still so it had been light about a quart.


The morning hesitance in acceleration has been the longest running symptom and it seemed to occur more often when it had rained or there was a lot of dew.

The P0300 is a generic misfire code, the P0301 code is specific for cylinder #1. Misfires under acceleration are normally due to a failing ignition system component and if the misfire is worse under humid or moist conditions, this also points to ignition related problems. You are most likely looking at bad plug wires or possibly a bad coil.

The p0401 and p0402 codes are related to the egr valve and are not the cause of your problem. The P0446 code is an emissions leak in the fuel vapor system, possibly bad gas cap or emissions solenoid, again not the cause of your problem.
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