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Genchi Genbutsu
Genchi Genbutsu, Toyota Master Technician
Category: Toyota
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Experience:  Toyota Certified Master Diagnostic Technician, ASE Master Technician with L1 Advanced Engine
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How do I change Shift Solenoid E on my 98 Toyota Avalon?

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How do I change Shift Solenoid E on my 98 Toyota Avalon?

Thank you for using Just Answer for your needs. Did you check the codes yet?


Did you get the infamous code P0773?




Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I checked the code a long time ago (6 years maybe), and I think it was P0773. The car's been running fine; the Check Engine light is just always on. Perhaps I'm losing some mileage, but I haven't noticed any significant problems that would make it necessary to fix the problem right away. I have changed the transmission fluid at least once since the code appeared, but that didn't fix the problem. Clearing the code doesn't work either; it just comes back after awhile.

As I said initially, I'm planning to drop the pan to clean the strainer when I change the transmission fluid. I was thinking that I'd just buy a new Solenoid E and replace it while I'm in the transmission. But my manual (Haynes Repair Manual) doesn't show the location of or have instructions on how to change out Solenoid E. So I'm looking for someone to tell me how to do it and/or point me to the correct manual.



Thanks. These codes have been common for some time and replacing the solenoid will not fix this concern. The P0773 code Shift Solenoid E is what the repair manual calls the SL solenoid and is used for torque converter lock up.


When the torque converter is locked the computer monitors the RPM's produced by the crankshaft sensor and compares it to the Revolution sensor on the transmission. Since the engine and transmission are 'locked' by the SL solenoid and torque converter then the computer looks for a 1:1 ratio of revolutions. When it doesn't see it, it sets the P0773 code and turns the check engine light on.


The real problem is in the torque converter itself and depending on the Avalon mileage, you will want to consider the transmission also.


But if you still want to try replacing the solenoid then it is easy. Drop the transmission pan and when you see all the solenoids, look at the one closest to the front bumper and also closest to the engine. That is the SL valve.




Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Genchi,

How do I repair the torque converter? Is that something that I just need to have the dealer fix or can/should I try to fix it myself? Do you have a sense of how much fixing something like that costs? I've got about 150k miles on the car, but the code's been showing up since around 86k miles. If I can repair the torque converter myself, is there a book I can purchase that will guide me through it? If fixing the torque converter is expensive, then I won't bother; I'll just buy a new car.

Is there a chance that changing Solenoid E will fix the problem, or is that just a complete waste of time?

Thanks for your answer; it's very helpful.

Tony Perrault

Is there a chance that changing Solenoid E will fix the problem, or is that just a complete waste of time?


We have replaced them before at the customers behest and none have ever been fixed by replacing the solenoid E.


To replace the Torque converter, you will have to pull out the transmission and hang the engine. This is not something even the skilled owner will want to attempt and is better left to a Professional Repair Shop. As for cost, it will run about $900 to replace just the torque converter but with 150,000 miles, you will want to consider installing a new or re manufactured transmission. That would run $1,800-2,600 depending where you get the work performed.




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