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2006 camry: coming home..the went

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2006 camery coming home today the battry lite came on and the abs lite starting blinking on and off with the bat lite. turned off ac and fan. lights went off. could hear a distive whine. got home a checked under hood while motor running loud whine coming from alt. bat lite and abs light going on and off. turn off motor car will not start.
Sounds like an alternator issue. I have seen batteries go bad and take out the alternator, so if the battery is a few years old I would replace that as well. On rare occasion I have seen the battery be the whole problem due to a dead cell, and the alternator survives. The test would be to charge the battery and see how well it does take a charge. A healthy battery will gladly accept a high amp charge very quickly. A bad battery will not and actually start to smell. Just be careful with batteries, they seem to not be making them as well as in the old days. If you need repair info or prices, ect , let me know.
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