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2001 Toyota Celica GT: running hot..OEM..bleed..line from coolant tank

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2001 Toyota Celica GT: Car was running hot so I replaced the thermostat. Replacement did not have the OEM jiggle valve (not sure if this is important). Tried to bleed air in line from coolant tank afterwards. Still running hot.

Could air be getting to water pump and causing it to malfunction? Recently replaced water pump and as far as I know it is working fine. Waiting for engine to get cold before I open coolant cap and see if there are any bubbles. Radiator fans are pulling hot air. Heater is blowing cold air. Really hoping it isn't a blown head gasket. Oil appears to be fine on dipstick. No white smoke in tailpipe exhaust.

Not very knowledgeable about cars, but not rich trying to avoid a shop if I can. Can you offer any insight into what my next step should be?
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Did you follow the coolant bleeding procedures label located under the hood? Sounds like you have a large air pocket in the coolant system.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
That's what I think too, but my stepdad is convinced it's a sensor problem. There was not a sticker under the hood detailing the coolant bleeding procedures (I bought the car used) but I followed the instructions from the Celica Repair Manual Vol. 2. Raised the coolant tank up from where it is originally positioned and worked the bleed valve for about an hour or longer while running the heat on defrost. I've done this three separate times now. The coolant level in the main tank remains the same, so I haven't added any more. Just now I did this again and the temp remained fine for the said hour, even while running A/C and revving the engine to 3k RPM for 5s multiple times with 5s intervals between. As soon as I started to back out the driveway to take it for a test spin the temp gauge spiked to what I call warm (1 notch above regular, with the only other notch above that being "super flashing hot").
This is what I usually do to bleed the Celica coolant systems.

Raise the coolant tank as high as possible without straining the rubber coolant lines. Fill the tank with the bleeder screw open. Squeeze the lower radiator hose while filling the tank. Run the engine with the heater in the hot position until coolant start coming out the bleeder. Tighten the bleeder and raise the front of the car with a floor jack. This will make the coolant tank the highest point so bleeding will be a little easier. They are sometimes a pain like I said, but this usually works. You may need to do this several times depending on how much air is trapped in the system.
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