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Toyota Prius Red Triangle warning light

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I have a 2005 Toyota Prius that has had the red triangle warning light come on occasionally over the past few weeks along with a message about the park mode not being applied correctly and that the car needs to be parked on a flat surface (it was) and the parking brake fully applied. Sometimes turning the car off and on will remove the light. Other times I cannot get the light and warning message to turn off and the car will not turn on. Last nightI had to turn the car on and off 6-8 times before I could drive it (even though the red triangle warning stayed on the entireXXXXXhome). This morning I turned the car on as normal and there was no warning light or message and the car functions normallty. I have checked the brake fluid and it's good and there is no change in the way the car drives. Any ideas on what this red triangle light is? Thank you.

This is usally an indication that the 12v auxilary battery is dischargeing and needs to be replaced. To properly diagnose you will have to see is there is fault codes stored in the transmission module for low voltage supply,this is usally done at a dealer. What is happening is the 12 volt battery probably does not have enough power to operate the 12 volt park prawl and therefor is telling you to park on a level surface and apply the e-brake to the car from rolling away. If you don't want to bring to a dealer and the battery has never been replaced try replacesing battery first, this is located in the passenger side trunk area.
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