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Toyota Camry LE My power windows are not working in my 1999

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My power windows are not working in my 1999 Camry. The power locks work. I have no power to the window switch at all. The fuses are good, both under the dash and under the hood. Is it safe to assume I should have 12V power to the window switch when the key is on and which relay EXACTLY is the power relay and integration relay, and is it safe to assume that is the problem?
Hello and thank you for using just answer! If fuses are good then 9 times out of 10 yes this is an integration relay issue. An integration relay is basically a body control module, if you look at the fuse block behind the driver dash this relay is the bix white box on the back side of the fuse block nearer the firewall.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Before I get a new integration relay, can you tell me what the three seemingly identical black relays are directly above it? I ordered a power window relay from NAPA (they had no listing for an integration relay), and it appears to be one of those relays, but which one?

A few things here:

First the "NAPA" parts equals BAD IDEA! I thought you were trying to actually fix the car?????

Second- the INTEGRATION relay is the only relay in this circuit other then the power relay and if the power relay was out then you would have other obvious issues with the car sir. . The 25 amp DOOR fuse, 10 amp GAUGE fuse and 30 amp POWER fuses are the only fuses that power this circuit. if yo have fuse power and no power to the system then replace the integration relay FROM THE DEALER.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The power window circuit on Mitchell on demand shows the integration relay and the "power main relay"-- this "power main relay" they refer to doesn't appear to affect any other items-- there may be other main relays, but my hesitation in buying an integration relay over a $9 power window relay was the reason I asked if you knew which one of the three relays adjacent to the integration relay it was. Since you don't know which one of the three it is, I'll spend $27 and replace all three and see if that works first. I could have swapped relays, but having to connect and disconnect all the wiring is too time consuming. Electrical component locators don't even show three relays behind the fuse panel. It makes me wonder if Toyota split the main relay into 3 different ones....