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Toyota Prius Car wont start and the main battery light is

Customer Question

Car wont start and the main battery light is on and there is another light which looks like a car with other warning sign (!), the key also stuck in the ignition, unless i take off the battery terminal before i can remove the key and the code which comes on the scan tool is P3120 and P3030<br/><br/>on the display panel as i have said above, there is two lights, one is a battery main and the second is car with sign in the car and this two lites blinks, and the car wont start neither can the key be remove off from the ignition unless i take off the battery terminal.<br/><br/><span style="border-collapse: separate;font-style: normal;font-variant: normal;font-weight: normal;letter-spacing: normal;line-height: normal;orphans: 2;text-indent: 0px;text-transform: none;white-space: normal;widows: 2;word-spacing: 0px;" class="Apple-style-span"><span style="" class="Apple-style-span">the warning screen has 3 icons, from left to right, they are: PS, MAIN (with battery icon), car icon with exclamation point ... it is the 3rd one that is highlighted.</span></span>
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  ToyoPro replied 6 years ago.


Hello and Welcome to JustAnswer. I am reviewing your question and will be back with you in just a second.


Have you tried jumpstarting or another 12V battery? The question is some what unclear on this end.

Customer :

Yes I have tried fixing a new 12 v battery hoping to start the car with it but yet, the car wont crank nor start, secondly the KEY get stuck in the cylinder, unless i disconnect battery terminal or unplug the key sensor cable beneath the steer while before i can take off the key..

Customer :

the gear lever is not shifting to P, but move in between R and N but wont get to D and B as well


P3120 is a HV transaxle malfunction, the main system relay or transaxle has failed. P3030 is the battery voltage detective line snaped, the battery ecu has failed, or open circuit in battery voltage detective line, or the wire harness bussbar. Both codes are related to the high voltage system and I would recomend having a dealer perform further diagnosis.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Relist: Answer quality.
this expertise is not specialist in hybrid, an expertise will tell me what and what to do, check this or that, i have read one expertise solution to a customer, was very helpful and will like to talk to that expertise from japan, because he has a great ideal on this problem i have posted
Expert:  ToyoPro replied 6 years ago.

You will have to perform some diagnostics in the high voltage system. I am certifed by Toyota for hybrid vehicles and work on them daily. If you are not fimilar with the hybrid high voltage system performing the required diagnostics can be extremely dangerous and potentially deadly. If you wish to continue working on your car I will opt-out so other experts may help.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes I will like to continue working on the car, therefore would prefer someone else suggestion, nonetheless the gear cannot move to park, no more how hard you tried to push it, it return to R and can shift to N, but cannot go to D, and B, more over if you hold it and tried to force it pulling it hard from R, it wil jump to D, with the force of pulling which is apply