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95 avalon xls: ABS light on dashboard, what to do?

Customer Question

'95 avalon xls, ABS light on dashboard on for last year. Last week felt rumbling in brakes twice on highway and next day twice on local street driving. Never before or after. What does it mean?

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  I. Silva replied 6 years ago.

Hello.....the first thing you should do is : check your ABS sensors to see why is the ABS light on.

The brake rumbling can be from a false ABS signal ,like a bad sensor or a bad wire connection or even a bad abs ring on the axle shaft.....Also it can be just from a brake problem or a bad wheel bearing....

Good luck......accept my answer if i helped , positive feedback is always welcome..Thank you...

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Is there any danger in driving it on the highway as is? If yes, which point(s) of the points you mentioned would be a safety question?
Expert:  I. Silva replied 6 years ago.

Your brakes will work just fine, the ABS is just to help in case of emergency stop , it does not let the wheels lock and keeps your car strait (?) on the road braking the wheels that the system see that need to stop....

What i would to be safe, i would lift the car and check if any play on the wheel bearings or in the front end....

good luck...thank you....