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Toyota celica gt: spark..fuses..iT WAS RUNNING GREAT..OFF.

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if my toyota celica gt turns over but gets no spark & filter, pump and fuses are all good what could be the problem? iT WAS RUNNING GREAT THE DAY BEFORE AND IT WAS LIKE SOMEONE JUST TURNED THE CAR OFF. It turns over but no spark to start it. any guesses? I was also told it could be the entire ignition system.
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Have you checked for codes in the compeer or know how?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I'm not sure I know what your talking about what codes, what computer?

Under the hood there is a diagnostic check connector box as I recall is on the driver side just behind the strut tower or back by the firewall and brake booster. It is approximately 2" x 1" and deleted will unsnapped and in identifications are located inside the lid. If you place a jumper wire in TE1 and E1 then turned the ignition switch to the on position and monitor the check engine light it will flash a series of codes. For example if you have a code 12 the check engine light will flash one time then a slight pause than two flashes. If there is a additional code it will follow then the system will pause for 3 seconds and repeat itself. Let me know if you can get any codes from the system. If the check engine light is flashing steady and consistent this means there are no codes set. Checking for codes is always the first place to start to help narrow down what could potentially have gone wrong.


With the ignition key in the on position is the check engine light illuminated? Have you actually checked for spark at the end of the spark plug wires while cranking the engine over?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes and still no spark. I was told by other toyota owners that the same thing happened to their cars and it turned out to be the key. mine has a computer chip.
When you say yes do you mean that you have checked for codes and there are none or you checked for spark at the end of the plug wires and there is none? Do you have the integrated coil in the distributor or is your ignition coil mounted to the firewall by the brake booster? Your car is not equipped with a immobilizer chip in the key. Is there any type of aftermarket security system installed on the vehicle?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes to the plug wires and no the codes. The ignition coil is in the distributer cap and there is no security system
Do you have a small piece of wire or paper clip to check for codes as I described in the diagnostic check connector box under the hood? Is a check engine light illuminating with the key in the on position?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes we tried that and still no spark.
What about answers to the rest of the questions that I had for information.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
okay here's the gig... My car was running great the day before and when it died it was like someone just turned the key off. It will turn over but will not start. We checked the pump, the fuses, the battery, and yes we put a piece of wire to the plugs and still nothing. The check engine light does come on as well as the lights, radio,l heater, etc. We tried to jump start it and push start it and still failed. If you could give me a list of other possibilities we will try them and I'll get back to you ok?

The most common problem is usually related ignition coil. When one day it starts and no start condition occurs the next day usually the ignition coil fails. You said that you had the integrated ignition coil inside the distributor. Remove the distributer cap inspect it for any cracks or discoloration on the side of the ignition coil. Click the link below for a better view and description of what this may look like. This is a very common failure. If you're certain that the fuses are good and you have power to the positive side of the distributor or positive post of the ignition coil and everything else checks good this is the most common denominator.





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