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Toyota: check engine light, VSC light and trac off light come..Gas cap

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check engine light, VSC light and trac off light come on simultaneously. Repeated service and checks all say a minor vacuum leak. Gas cap replaced with toyota gas cap. I hate driving around with those lights on. I'm told nothing is seriously wrong. I can have the computer reset and remember to really tighten gas cap after refuelling. Any ideas? 2003 XLE Sienna.

Can you give me the actual "p-code" that was retrieved?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
P0440- Evap System and a vacuum valve was replaced in October.

Ok- this is a "known problem" and Toyota has issued a Technical Service Bulletin that states the repair is going to need a "revised" Canister Vacuum Switching Valve.




September 29, 2003

M.I.L. "ON" DTC P0440, P0441 OR P0446


'00 - '03 Avalon, Camry & Solara,
'01 - '03 Sienna


Under certain driving conditions, some 2000-2003 model year Avalon, Camry (NAP only) and Solara vehicles, and some 2001-2003 model year Sienna vehicles may exhibit a M.I.L. "ON" with DTC(s) P0440, P0441 and/or P0446 stored due to an inoperative Canister Closed Valve Vacuum Switching Valve (CCV VSV). The CCV assembly process has been changed to correct this condition.



Customer: replied 6 years ago. it harmful to keep driving around? I was able to drive 1200 miles without the 3 lights coming back on..... And can you give me a rough estimate of the new and improved canister closed valve vacuum switching system cost for part and labor? Just a ballpark would help.

It's perfectly safe to drive the vehicle, with the exception that while the VSC/Trac lights are on you will NOT have traction control. There is a "self preservation" mechanism that when the Check Engine light is on, the Trac is shut off, just in case the reason the Check Engine is on can affect/harm the trac system. Other than that, an EVAP problem will not effect engine performance in any way.


As for the cost- Toyota is not providing a price for the updated version of the CCV VSV. Probably because it's a revise, and they haven't updated the parts info to reflect the new part number. However, they state the labor to make this repair only calls for ,6hrs - so figure you'll be cahrged for a full hour of labor, which labor rates vary from shop to shop.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Well, drivefast, thanks for your help. I think it has been worth it.
Glad I could help. Have a great day!
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Sorry to bother you again....But what is part # XXXXX ccv vsv

No bother at all...


Toyota OEM Part#: 90910-12209 - "Canister Closed Valve Vacuum Switching Valve"


Ron Z. and 3 other Toyota Specialists are ready to help you