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I have just purchaed a 2000 toyota rav4, the battery has been

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I have just purchaed a 2000 toyota rav4, the battery has been replaced, the radio displayed sec so I followed the manual and now its asking for help. Please offer me an easy solution.

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Do you have the original security code number that was put into the radio to activate the security feature on the radio? Do you have the number of the radio? This will be in very tiny print on the face of the radio?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
As it is a second hand vehicle I thought the code would be the last few didgits of the vin number.The number of the radio is 37803. Hope this helps.
That is not correct the owner of the vehicle has to input the security code one that he hopefully will remember. If the battery is ever disconnected or power is lost to the radio it triggers the security system in the radio because it thinks the radio was stolen or removed from the vehicle. This feature is no longer used. I do not have any override codes that match this particular radio number unfortunately. You may need to contact the dealer in order to see if they can give you an override code, If you cannot find the original security code. If they do not have it your only option is to remove the radio and have it sent out and reset so the security system is cleared.

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