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avalon: my 05..wont open from the dash button..glove box..back seat

Resolved Question:

The trunk lid on my 05 Avalon won't open from the dash button or the smart key system. The button inside the glove box is in the proper position. The only way to get in is through the back seat. It acts like a blown fuse but the owners manual doesn't list a fuse for that application even though it seems as though there must be one. This started immediately after we got the car back from the dealer for an oil leak problem. They said they had to pull the engine to correct the problem but they say they didn't cause this problem and they want to charge a service charge to diagnose it. I don't trust them from past experience. Any ideas?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  ToyotaTom replied 7 years ago.

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Chances are the on/off button behind the glovebox was left unplugged. If they removed the motor, they would have had to unplug the wiring from the engine computer, which is located behind the glovebox. If the technician was in a hurry to get it all back together, they probably just overlooked the wire, which can be easy to do since the connector is very small, and typically will fall to where it doesn't stand out. You can remove the whole panel the glove box "snaps" in to and plug the button back in. There is 1 10mm bolt in the lower right hand corner, behind the plastic kickpanel cover (little plastic cover in the very corner of the floor) and a few philips head screws, one in the lower left corner, and a few in the top of the panel when you open the glove box. After that, there is just a couple clips holding it in, a quick tug and it will come right out. Take you 3 minutes at most. You'll see the back of the switch, and probably a couple wires with a black connector at the end dangling behind there. Plug it in and you should be fine.

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