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Fog light installation for 2008 Camry LE

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<p>I bought an aftermarket fog light with switch and wiring harness to install on 08 camry. Just confuse which one of the two wires I need to connect to car battery (if needed). Is it the "WHITE" wire which has a 15A fuse or the RED wire. My guess is the Red wire and connect the White wire with fuse to power line of either low beam headlamp or parking lamp. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Also is it true that the fog lamp connectors hanging from the bumper is useless? I have the fog light circuit for 08 and want to try to get oem switch and relay hoping to make it work. Or this is just a waste of time and money? Here is the wiring diagram I'm talking about to help you a bit</p><p><img src="" alt="graphic" width="541" height="778" /></p>

Hello, and thank you for choosing Just Answer to help you with your questions!


The wiring for your factory fog lights isn't completely useless, just very expensive to try to use. You could probably use the aftermarket lights that you bought, and wire those into the oem plugs. Then you will need to purchase the fog light relay, insert the fuse into the fog position, and replace the headlight switch with one equipped for fog lamps, which I believe also entails removal of the steering wheel to replace that switch. Not overly difficult, however when you start getting involved with the airbag systems, i would recommend letting a professional get involved.


Otherwise, the kit you bought should include everything you need. Wiring color can (and will) vary. The wire with the 15 amp fuse should be your battery lead, as that is the wire that needs to be protected. The other wire should wire in to your low beam headlights. This is so that if you turn on the high beams the fog lamps turn off automatically, as in some stated it is illegal to use both fog lamps and high beams at the same time. Good luck :)

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

So you agree that the car is pre-wired for fog lights. That is also the reason why dealer charged a fortune because of the labor involve and also the price for their parts. I'm more inclined to have it done by purchasing a relay from dealer and the factory switch which I know will involve removing the steering wheel. But other than that, do you think it will work?


On the other hand and last question, I'm having difficulty finding the power line for the low beam, Is there any way you can help me on that? Then I may end up doing this. Thanks in advance

I can't honestly say 100% yes you can use factory wiring and that will work, however I can say 99% yes. The only reason for the 1% is because I haven't personally tried it myself on an 08 Camry. I've done it with several Tundras, a couple corollas and some other models, but not your vehicle. I am confident in saying that it will work though. You'll need the fog fuse, the fog relay, and the headlight switch with the fog lamp control on it. To know for sure, if you remove the shroud around the steering column, look at the wiring connector plugged into the headlight switch. There should be a purple wire in pin location #4. This is the control wire for the factory fog lamp wiring. If this is there, you are good to go.


For low beam, the drivers side should be brown, and the passenger side black at the headlight bulb itself. This will feed the + voltage signal that your system diagram appears to be looking for.

ToyotaTom, Toyota Technician
Category: Toyota
Satisfied Customers: 1416
Experience: Toyota, ASE, MSE, MECP Certified
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
You mean I can tap the wire just around the back of the headlight assembly in eiher side (driver or passenger side) as long the wire can go?
From what I can tell looking at your wiring diagram (if you can really call it that, not real descriptive if you ask me) yes this should be perfectly fine.

I was offline when you requested me to post to your answer.

I just wanted to chime in here to tell you that I have indeed checked on this exact setup, no this is not as easy as adding a relay and a switch, those plug ins under the bumper are dead leads and cannot be used......

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hey Peter,


Yeah I saw and read your replies to a guy with 2010 camry. I still can't believed that those plug-ins on 07-onward is useless. I read a succesful stories about guys who were able to use it on their 02 camry by simply putting new relay, fuse, factory switch and woolah......anyway thanks for confirming this.

The 2002 camry is a completgely different car, the 2007-2011 has a completely different setup and uses multiplex body control systems, your camry is not hardwired, it is all computer controlled, it will not work on this car without replacing expensive parts.