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What is the towing weight of a 96 Toyota Tacoma 2WD

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What is the towing weight of a 96 Toyota Tacoma 2WD

Hello I will help you with your question,


Your truck is rated at 5000 lbs but if you have the four cylinder engine 3000 is a lot of weight for that engine. 600 lbs of tounge weight maximum but overall the 5000 lbs is optimistic and I would limit it to 3000 at the max even if you have the V6


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Thank you



The tongue weight is one component of towing capacity, the weight on the back of the truck can lift the front to the point that you cannot steer so the suspension needs to be able to support the dead weight and the weight when you go over dips or bumps in the road. You need to be able to start the load so you need enough engine but you also have to be able to stop the load so you need brakes and in winds or cornering you need enough truck weight to control the trailer and not have it push you around as you drive in traffic.


Let me know what I can do to help you with this





Tongue weight is the amount of weight the trailer puts on the back of the truck. It is what you would measure if you put a scale in place of the ball hitch.


Your 4 cylinder will have a hard time pulling more than #3000. The 6 cylinder is RATED at #5000 but both trucks have the same suspension so I would not try to pull more than #3000 with either one


Let me know on this page what your reply is.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'm a little challenged by this tongue weight. If I buy a trailer, Do I ask them what the tongue weight is? Or do I take the weight of the trailer and keep weighing the boxes I put in the trailer and just make sure I don't go over 3000#?

The tongue weight of the trailer will change depending on where the load is placed in the trailer. If this is a travel trailer the base tongue weight is set by how the trailer is built but how you load gear (to the front or the back) can change that weight.


Too little weight on the tongue will cause the trailer to track poorly and may result in the trailer whipping violently and overturning both vehicles. Too much weight will raise the front of the truck making steering control nonexistant and will result in an accident. The trailer should be loaded so that the weight does not exceed #600 but is not less than ##300 with the trailer loaded. You try for a 60/40 weight distribution to keep the trailer tracking properly but does not overload the back of the truck



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