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I have a p1441 code on my 2005 tundra (4.7l, 2wd) Dealer quo

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I have a p1441 code on my 2005 tundra (4.7l, 2wd) Dealer quotes me about 1300 to fix. Is this a rip? I am told the secondary air induction switching valve 2 on bank 1 is stuck open. There are also some "secondary codes" related to the vsc system that might be a result of this P1441 issue, but they won't know until the initial problem is fixed. I'm told they basically have to tear apart about 2/3 of the engine to get to the problem and fix.

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Can you give me a complete list of the code #'s that are stored?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
code list is as follows...
P1441, P1444, C0200, C0210, C0215, C1201, C1223, C1241. all are "current". Had the dealer re-set the codes three times. Lights/codes came back the first 2 attempts to clear. They have stayed off since the 3rd clear. I drove vehicle 1.2 miles after initial lights came on, and have had the vehicle for total of 3.4 miles since getting it back from dealer no lights on currently. Car has 82329 miles and emissions warrantee ends at 80,000 miles....just my luck. Haven't seen or felt any difference in driving it, but for the past 3 days the brakes have felt a little soft. I believe I am due for new pads though. Thanks!

Thank you for the reply and your patience, it takes time to go through all this information.

You do have codes for both air injection valves sticking open, also several of these codes are stating that you do not have a wheel speed sensor input to the brake ECU, then one is a "ghost" code that tells you that there are otehr codes set.


The c1241 code is what really stands out in my mind here......this is a LOW VOLTAGE code, this is caused by low voltage, either a bad battery, a intermittently failing alternator or a wiring issue such as a loose ground or corroded battery terminals.....the thing is here that if the voltage is low it will really screw with the entire truck and can set all these codes.....If I were the mechanic working on your truck I would NOT throw (or recommend) the $1,300 repair, I would first see why the truck is seeing low voltage and then pin;point and corret this issue FIRST because this may or may not be related.

What I am fearing here is that you have the air injection valves replaced and then find out that the SAME codes set because the computer is malfunctioning due to low voltages.

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