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How to replace wheel bearings on a 2004 toyota corolla

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How to replace wheel bearings on a 2004 toyota corolla. I have removed the rotor, i believe that i have to remove the Steering knuckle too. Does the hub have to be removed from the Knuckle in order to press off the old bearings and press on the new ones?

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In order to place the wheel bearing the steering knuckle assembly needs to be removed then the hub pressed out of the bearing then the bearing gets pressed out of the knuckle after the snap ring is removed.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So the hub has to be pressed out first and then the bearings? If i take the knuckle with the hub to a machine shop can they do both or can remove the hub first then take the knuckle to the machine shop and have them do it?

Yes on the hub. You can use a hammer and steel bar the same diameter to drive the hub out then take some where that has a press to press the bearing out. If you are reusing the hub you need to use a cutting wheel to cut the inner race off the hub before reinstalling.



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