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Relays ok fuses ok. signal and hazard lights not working on

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relays ok fuses ok. signal and hazard lights not working on 2000 sienna. lights went out suddenly. have replaced all parts . any help?

When you push the four-way hazard switch do you get any initial relay click noise or do any of the lights initially come on? Likewise when using the turn signal can you hear any relay noise or do the lights attempt to illuminate?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

when hazard switch is pushed i hear a click .no lights come on and the dash signal lights

do not light up. when using the turn signal stock i hear a click but like above no lights come on. no warning. all signal lights just quit.

If the single click is coming from the turn signal flasher unit which is located in the bottom left hand corner of the instrument panel fuse block and you are 100% certain that all of the bulbs are good you're probably going to find the relay assembly is bad. The Instrument panel fuse block is behind the coin box and if you follow the corner all away down and that is where the relay is located. Make sure the 10 amp hazard fuse and a 7.5 amp turn fuse are both good and have 12 V to them. There is only one relay that controls both I'm not certain what you mean above when you say you replaced the relay's do have the part number of the original relay that you replaced and did you replace it with a factory relay ?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

the relay that i replaced was 90987-04002 (###) ###-####12 v denso. i also replaced

the hazard switch. i have 2 spares from the auto wreckers for both of these parts and

would find it hard to believe that i now have 3 bad parts of each. i have not checked the

bulbs. the 10 amp fuse that is under the hood has been replaced as well as the 7.5 amp fuse behind the coin box.. the relay was located behind the coin box to the left of the fuse panel and the relay has a 5 amp fuse above it. do i have the correct parts? are there other areas to find fuses or relays that i could be missing. could one bad bulb

cause the whole system not to work. i have not checked for power leaving the relay yet

but i believe i have confirmed the relay works.

The part number that you listed above is for a blower motor relay. Depending on the manufacturer therefore possible part numbers listed below.

81980-12070 MCL10; DENSO 1 $62.45
81980-32010 MCL10; DENSO 1 $53.84
81980-AA020 MCL10; OMRON 1
81980-AA021 MCL10; OMRON

Doublecheck the relay that is clicking and make sure you're replacing or looking at the flasher unit there is only one flasher for both turn signals and hazards.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

the part number i replaced is the same number as the part that was in there and the

relay is clicking when i move the signal stock and when i push the hazard switch. i suspect the power is not there to go to the lights themselves but have been unable to figure out why. the flat fuses test okay. could it be one of the bulky fuse units ie 40 amp causing a lack of power. i have trailer wiring so maybe the unit is interfering with the power but i am mistified by no signals at the dash showing. i will have to get out a multi meter to test what happened to the power. have you any more suggestions. i will have to work on this tomorrow as it is too dark outside now.

Can you post a picture and location of the relay you are referring to that is clicking when the hazard switch is pushed? The 40 amp fuse has nothing to do with it.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

i have the pictures

the relay is located behind the steel knee board on the drivers side of the vehicle. it cannot be accessed without removing the knee board. i am having troubles with taking pictures as mine are 1.35 mb and your system will not allow them.

the hazard switch also clicks when it is pushed in and probably has a relay built into it. the dealer wants $100 for a new one so it probably has a relay built into it.. the signal relay according to a haynes manual is located beside the fuse board behind the coin holder, to the left of it and has a seperate harness coming to it. this is the one that i have replaced. so to make it clear when the hazard button is pushed both the button and signal relay click..graphic

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i will start to trace the wiring to find out where the power drops off and will once again check all fuses. everything else works on the 2000 toyota sienna

Unfortunately that picture is not showing up try sending a copy to***@******.*** and I will see if I can view it that way. And try to repost to here with any follow-up information. From the sounds of it it sounds like you are not replacing the right relay because the flasher relay is expensive. Given the part numbers I have listed above if you go to you may be able to purchase at cheaper wholesale prices online. The other option would be to find a used one at a salvage yard or online. I want to verify that you're talking about the same unit I am talking about. Normally any one lightbulb will not cause this to do what you're saying. And if you have ruled out that fuses are definitely good and the switch is a known good switch you're probably looking at a bad flasher unit.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
finally resolved. the flasher unit is labelled flasher and is mounted on top of the fuse panel which is behind the coin tray. i had to drop the fuse panel to get at it. this is definitely not where the haynes manual shows it. i traced it when i thought the clicking was coming from somewhere on the fuse panel but couldn't see anything that could be it. the wrongly identified relay was right beside it. the new relay cost $16 at partsource. thankfully it is over but toyota doesn't seem to care where they hide such an important part. your comment about it being the wrong part number was helpful.

You are welcome.