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2006 camry: battery replacement..sounded..the key remote to shut it

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Took my 2006 camry to walmart for battery replacement. Something went wrong...alarm system sounded and they needed the key remote to shut it off. Somehow, 2 regular looking fuses blew and they put new ones in. Mechanic said another "larger" alternator "fuse" opened (he showed me the location) and he said he removed it and put it back in. (car would not accelerate with this "fuse" not working) Although car now runs properly, He suggested I get this alternator "fuse" replaced. Does this make sense and would I have to take the car to a Toyota dealer?
Thank you for trusting Just Answer with your Toyota question. Well, heres what happened here. The battery was installed, or jump started with the polarity reversed. In other words, pos to neg and neg to pos. If i understand you correctly, the ALT fuse has been replaced?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Somehow, he did NOT replace the ALT fuse....he said it opened, he jumped the fuse connectors with a screwdriver, to ascertain the fuse was the problem, REINSTALLED the same fuse and everything then worked. He implied the fuse was "weak" or could fail and recommended replacement. Im not familiar with the operation of this type of fuse, so I wonder what I should do....take it to a dealer or what?

WHAT?!?!?!? If he bypassed the fuse, he has taken away the electrical protection for your vehicle. This is BAD. I doubt he removed this fuse, as it requires removing and disassembling the fuse box to remove and replace. Fuses do not get 'weak'. They are either open, or closed, there is no in between. At this point, you need to have the car taken to a competent technician, such as the dealer, or an independent shop VERY familiar with Toyota vehicles. The fuse needs to be replaced, and if there are any warning lights on the dash, such as ABS, or check engine light, you need to have those systems inspected with a scan tool. I would also speak to the general manager at walmart about this, as, unless someone else jump started it, or tried changing the battery, they caused this by installing the battery incorrectly and they should pay your repairs.

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